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28 septembre 2017 de 9:00am - 10:00am


Construction/ Renovation

Our team is here for you

Do you want a unique style for your property? Before starting your construction or renovations, make an appointment with Melyssa for a first consultation. Lasting two hours, this meeting at your home or at our office allows you to discuss your project and to outline the design and expected results. Melyssa will then present you a proposal to accompany you in your project. Melyssa Robert Designer is a master at designing custom plans, whether for the kitchen, the bathroom or the basement. The sketches are harmonized with your style and completed before the work. We take into account the brightness, the storage area, the layout functionality, the choice of materials and furniture. Nothing is left to chance! A 3D colour perspective allows you to visualize the transformed room and ensures a final result that meets your expectations. The look is optimized according to your budget. The recommendations consider the current trends, but we also want to be timeless so that your investment last throughout the years.


Our team is here for you

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