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28 septembre 2017 de 9:00am - 10:00am


Interior decoration & home staging

A decorative consultation is ideal to develop a colour palette that suits you, create a sought-after atmosphere, reposition furniture or buy new accessories. This is the starting point and the essential help for those who want to do their own work. A designer from the Melyssa Robert Designer’s team comes to your home to discuss your project, define your style and the desired atmosphere. This two-hour meeting is offered starting at $350 plus taxes. During the consultation, you will receive the necessary information and concrete ideas to realize your project for yourself. Subsequently, our interior Designer in charge Melyssa will review the recommendations and send you a detailed report. Do you want new style? (chic, rustic zen, elegant or warm) Do you want to highlight your rooms and refresh the look of your home? Are you having a hard time choosing shades that are as exotic as ‘’soothing blue, jujube red, coffee with milk and amazing white’’? This time well invested belongs to you. Tell us your expectations, Melyssa Robert Designer: trendy colours, a trendy look, and an interior at its best.

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